Moving to the French Alps

It has always been one of my biggest dreams to live in the Gorges du Verdon. Since I was a kid my parents took me there and I always said ‘When I am older I am going to live here’. In love with the mountains, the sharp mountain tops, the beautiful green and plants, the wild and liberating emerald green river – it was like a magnet that was pulling me back every time. It felt like the universe told me to hold on to the love I had for the region and that one day I was going to be able to make my dream happen…

I’ve always thought that it was quite impossible due to work, as everything there basically is focused on summer. However, with COVID-19 and working from home a new opportunity opened itself. This summer I stranded in the Alps with car troubles. My car was at the garage and I had to start a new job. Honestly, I was afraid that the internet was not going to be good enough. But I noticed it was. For two weeks, I have worked in that place that is so dear to my heart. And suddenly I knew it was possible.

So, I talked with people around me, got an OK from my work and went on the search for apartments. And now I can also say it also to you; I am moving to the Gorges du Verdon, the French Alps. It still feels a bit unreel and it is already happening within a week, but I while writing this I think it is landing a bit more. I am making my dream come true. So thrilled!

Mountains springNormally I hate autumn and winter. The Netherlands is mostly grey and rainy, but now that I am moving to a place where beautiful autumn colors are developing and with such a beautiful nature I am starting to look up to these seasons. With my new camera and lens, I cannot wait to pull out all the creativity in myself and make beautiful shots.

But first the trip! Currently so busy getting ready. I am moving with a Fiat 500c and most of my clothes are packed now. The last bits will be packed this weekend and this Sunday I’ll also pack my car with the invaluable things. That is still going to be a challenge, moving with a fiat 500c. And then next Thursday to Friday night it is time for the adventure to start! I am so excited!

Will you follow me along for my new adventure?

Lisa Kiburg

Lisa Kiburg

En tant que photographe, voyageuse et blogueuse passionnée, j’adore partager mes expériences et mes connaissances avec vous. La nature, les animaux et la culture m’inspirent. Avec mes guides et mes blogs, j’aimerais vous inspirer vous aussi. Intéressé par une séance photo ? N’hésitez pas à me contacter !

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