La Fête Médiévale in Colmars-les-Alpes

Some might already now it, La Fête Medievale in Colmars-les-Alpes is my favourite event of the year and the region. Throughout the weekend many traditions are replayed, people are dressed up like the medievale times and there is a magic ambiance. The fortified city makes it feel like you are living in another time.

Living the medieval times

The event makes us discover, live and respect the way life took place during the medieval times and all the traditions that come with it. The animations go from horseshows to medieval games and from musicians to theatre shows. A true pleasure to experience.

For me as a photographer, this event is a bomb of inspiration. I hope that I can help you feel the ambiance of the event a bit with my photos.

Love, Lisa

Lisa Kiburg

Lisa Kiburg

As a passionated photographer, traveller and blogger I love to share my experiences and knowledge with you. I am inspired by nature, animals and culture. With my guides and blogs I’d like to inspire you too. Interested in a photoshoot? Feel free to contact me!

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