The yearly Transhumance in Castellane

The Transhumance is a seasonal event in the Mediterranean and in the Alps to move the livestock to other regions. The shepherds will drive their livestock in support of their dogs. Often you will see a mix of big herding dogs (Pyrenean mountain dog, Anatolian shepherd) which offer protection to the herd and working dogs (Border collie/australian shepherd) which help the herder to move the dogs.

In many French villages there is a whole event around the transhumance. Locals will pass in traditional clothing, there will me artisanal markets and demonstrations. It gives the villages a warm and living feel. A real pleasure to see!

See my photos of the Transhumance in Castellane below.

Lisa Kiburg

Lisa Kiburg

En tant que photographe, voyageuse et blogueuse passionnée, j’adore partager mes expériences et mes connaissances avec vous. La nature, les animaux et la culture m’inspirent. Avec mes guides et mes blogs, j’aimerais vous inspirer vous aussi. Intéressé par une séance photo ? N’hésitez pas à me contacter !

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