The Revendran is a traditional event in the French Alpes. It happens when the sheep, goats and even donkeys will be moved to the lower lands in autumn. Before they will be moved, they will be an event where there are several animations such as a hike, an explanation about how sheep are shaved, music and many more. The maybe most important part is that the whole herd will walk through the village center. Surrounded by a decor of mountains, filled with fall colours, it is like the event just popped out of a photo frame…

The event brings an amazing atmosphere; a feeling of nostalgia, the appreciation for natural products and a feeling of getting together. Even though we are living in the year 2021 and many things are getting more and more modernised and certain traditions are changing, such as the transhumance, which happens apparently the more and more by truck… Traditions like these are still an important part of the regions culture.

We photographers have several occasions which we want to photograph. Often we have the photo already in our head before we make it. It is what we work towards, it defines our composition, exposition and our will to photograph something particular. For me it was the Revendran, something that I wanted to photograph for a very long time.

Lisa Kiburg

Lisa Kiburg

En tant que photographe, voyageuse et blogueuse passionnée, j’adore partager mes expériences et mes connaissances avec vous. La nature, les animaux et la culture m’inspirent. Avec mes guides et mes blogs, j’aimerais vous inspirer vous aussi. Intéressé par une séance photo ? N’hésitez pas à me contacter !

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