Tips for solo hiking

Have you ever had the will to go on a solo hike, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so? I need to honestly admit that until a while ago, I had a fear of hiking alone. Then I overcame the fear but I didn’t take the right preparation. I reminded myself that when going on a solo hike you should really be prepared for 200%. I both love group- and solohikes, but it is true that when you are hiking with someone else you always have someone to rely on when something happens(e.g. a fall, an animal attack or when you get lost). I wanted to be prepared and not let anything bad overcome myself. Are you thinking about hiking alone, but are you not sure about the safety of it? Read this blog and I’ll guide you through the essentials you need!


Some essentials that I bring in case of need

  • Gps – either as a machine or as a watch: watches are nowadays often equipped with a SOS and GPS function. If the SOS goes off it will send out a text message to your emergency contacts with your GPS location.
  • First-aid kit
  • Whistle; I have one of those that is a whistle, compass and thermometer in one. Handy cause in that way you will not have 10000 separate things in your bag.
  • A emergancy blanket to keep warm. If something happens during your hike it will keep you warm while waiting for help. It is very compact and will take very limited space in your backpack.
  • A minimum of 3L water. Just in case… I always bring more than needed. Often 2L is recommended on the average hikes that take 2-5h.
  • SNACKS! You are probably laughing now but good energy sources are important, especially if something happens and your hike takes longer than expected. Take those kind of protein bars or granola bars with a good amount of sugar, something that keeps you going. I often have a pack of dextro in my back too, you know these old school ones LOL.
  • A swiss knife: maybe you know ask yourself why? Well there are numerous things whereby a knife can help. Did you fell on a rock and did you wound yourself? The knife will help you cut bandages or clothes if your first-aidkit is not enough, it will also help you open food (cut sauccissons ;p).
  • Bring a flashlight: for if your hike takes longer, or rescue workers need to find you, or for when you need to pass tunnels.

Handy things to do

When hiking I always check the general things such as the weather, information about the hike, know the local SOS number. But when hiking alone I think it is also important to let at least 1 person know where you are going to hike and how long you expect to take. I often tell a friend in the area something like I am going on hike … and expect to hike for about 6/7 hours. Then you know just in case. Also, stay on the trail! When hiking I always watch out that I am on the trail, especially when hiking alone. The hike is then often modernised and safe, but also the SOS-workers will know on which path you exactly will be, if something happens to you.

I hope that this blog helped you out. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me!

Lisa Kiburg

Lisa Kiburg

En tant que photographe, voyageuse et blogueuse passionnée, j’adore partager mes expériences et mes connaissances avec vous. La nature, les animaux et la culture m’inspirent. Avec mes guides et mes blogs, j’aimerais vous inspirer vous aussi. Intéressé par une séance photo ? N’hésitez pas à me contacter !

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